Monday, September 20, 2010

Madder than a Wet Hen . . . NOT!

It rained throughout the night and is wet and cloudy today.  Not the usual autumn weather.  The chickens are out and about scratching and squawking but out nevertheless. 

I started thinking about the phrase "madder than a wet hen" and have come to the conclusion that the phrase should be "madder than a broody". 

 My hens go out in the rain and go about their daily activities normally. 

Now a broody on the other hand - look out!  They get an evil look in their eye people in the chicken world call "stinkeye" that means "Beware! You may lose a finger." 

They fluff themselves up and make menacing sounds - growls, screeches, yells, and more. 

If you take them off their nest, they flap their wings running about screaming and making life miserable for the other chickens.  They remind me of a toddler taking a tantrum. 

Oh, those hormones!  ;)

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