Monday, November 22, 2010

Gardening with Lulu

Lulu enjoys being outside on nice sunny days, as the warm weather seems to lessen her lameness.  She enjoys checking out the flower beds to see what is growing, what tastes good and what she can find to eat.

Lulu likes to be around people who are digging in the soil - you never know what you might dig up for her.  She likes to supervise and encourage us to find worms and bugs for her.  She is quite vocal and chatters the whole time.

Because of her lame leg, Lulu has trouble scratching like a regular chicken.  She looks like she is doing a little dance - one foot forward, the other foot forward, first foot back, second foot back.  So instead of scratching, Lulu dances - forward, step, step, back, step, step. 

Lulu is very independent because she can check out flower beds and the garden by herself.  She doesn't get nervous when she is alone, she just goes along her merry way following her own agenda.  The other chickens have flock mentality - where one goes, they all go. 

Lulu is opinionated and lets us know when we need to shape up.  Once when I saw her resting in a flower bed near the garage, I went weeding in the front without her.  She noticed me and came hustling around the corner of the house muttering and grumbling because I left her behind.  I quickly found her some bugs to mollify her.

When we were planting the garden, Lulu was a big help - NOT!  My son was planting the peas and at first Lulu decided to help herself to some of the seeds that were floating in the bowl where they were being soaked.  Then she decided that she didn't like to have to dip her face into the water, so she followed my son down the row eating seeds he had just planted.  Lulu quickly found herself moved out of the garden until our work was done.

Sometimes Lulu likes to play hide and seek with us.  She will lay down in the garden and make us hunt for her. 

Sometimes she makes cooing sounds to give us a chance while other times she stays quiet.  Occasionally she will stand up and stretch her neck so she can see us and we can see her.  She is such a tease.

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