Monday, August 22, 2011

Birds on the Wire

I heard a racket out the front window and looked out to see what it was.

I snapped the pics from my front step not wanting to move too much and scare the birds away.

They were stretched along the wire chattering away.


I couldn't tell what kind of birds they were as they were not close enough for me to see them clearly.

One would hop off and another would take their place.

A bunch of birds were also in the tree under the wire.

Here is a close-up of the tree with the birds gathered.

From what I could see, some of the birds had lighter coloured heads while others had dark heads.  They were in different shades of brown.

Seeing all those birds reminded me of a short cartoon by Pixar called For the Birds.  I hope you get a chuckle out of it like I did.  Enjoy!    ;)


  1. Seeing that many birds gathered together is usually a sign they are getting ready to migrate. Great photos. It's nice to meet another Canadian blogger.

  2. Most likely Brown-headed Cow Birds. The females have lighter brown heads and the males have darker. And yes, it is getting to be that time for the birds to migrate already. Can you believe?

  3. Oh no, don't talk about migration - that means fall is almost here and I for sure don't want to here that yet. It seems like we barely had a summer this year. :(

  4. I was thinking about the Pixar short as soon as I saw the first photo. Great capture.

  5. How funny! The whole time I was reading you post, I was thinking...this reminds me of the bird on a wire cartoon, and there it was at the bottom. Great minds think alike!