Thursday, September 15, 2011

Baby Robins

One day during mid August I was working in the garden and noticed a young robin hopping around on the ground in the chicken run.  He didn't seem able to fly so I moved him into the garden so the chickens wouldn't hurt him.

He ran around cheeping loudly and soon there was a full grown robin flying about checking him out. 

He was so cute but seemed to young for the time of year.  I didn't think he'd mature enough to make the long flight south for the winter.

I had to leave to pick up chicken food and didn't want the neighbour's cat to get the little fellow so I set him up in a tree.

He seemed content there and his parent came and checked on him and even brought him some worms.

Doesn't he have the cutest face?  He seemed to have a swelling near his mouth on the other side of his beak.  I thought maybe he hit face first when he fell in his flight attempt.

After I came home I set him down in the garden not knowing what else I could do.  He looked so small and forlorn.

Nearby in the corn patch I noticed another baby robin.  Look at those cute tufts on its head.  I could just hug that sweetie and wanted to keep him.

This one was even smaller and had less grown up feathers that its brother.  Mom or pop was staying nearby bringing food.

I hope they are survivors and are able to make the flight south.  I also hope they get strong enough to get off the ground and keep away from cats.  They disappeared into the corn patch so I hope they are fine.

Update:  Just last week I found one poor dead baby bird in the backyard.  I fear it is one of those little cuties but can never be sure.  All I can do is hope and pray they survived. :{


  1. Those young birds are so cute and helpless. I always worry about them. Should we protect them or rely on mother nature?

  2. That "swelling" around his mouth is totally normal. It's what allows their beak to grow and be so flexible such that they can open it wide for mom to pop in worms and treats.

    In cavity nesting birds, that swelling (called the gape) is usually BRIGHT orange so that mom and dad can find it in the dark and know where to put the food.

  3. How cute!!! Your robins are very different form their UK cousins!

  4. hope the robins are doing well joan.
    they're so cute :)