Monday, April 25, 2011

Apricot Blossoms

Spring has been late arriving this year.  We have had cool, rainy weather with an occasional snow flurry thrown in.  Last week we had a +17C day following by a rainstorm that woke me during the night by pounding on the shed roof.  The next morning we were surprised to find 2" of snow on the lawn.  The bulbs are late blooming and the trees are late leafing.

Apricots bloom before they leaf out.  It is exciting to see a tree filled with blossoms.  They are nicely scented as well which is more than welcome after a winter with no blossoms and garden scents.

This year we had a -6C night after many of the apricot blossoms were open.  It didn't damage them like it does peach blossoms but it did make them look a little worn and weathered.

Here are a couple of pics from 2009 to show how full and pretty the apricots blossoms can be.  (I didn't snap any pics last spring of the apricot trees in bloom.)

Here are some pics of this year's crop of blossoms.  Notice the difference in the petals and how the blossoms look flatter and more spread out.

Also notice how the flowers have a brownish tinge to them.

In the last few days we have heard the bees buzzing in the trees so they are getting pollinated.

I guess time will tell how good of a crop of apricots we will get this year.  

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