Thursday, April 28, 2011


Lately I have been making smoothies for my family to drink.  I have been using frozen and canned fruit from our orchard.  I don't use a recipe as such but here are some of the results.

In the blender toss in fruit of your choice - here I am using unsweetened frozen raspberries.

Next add fruit flavoured yogurt that goes with your choice of fruit.  I used raspberry this time.

Add some ice cubes.  I add a glass or two depending if the fruit is frozen, cold or warm.

Add some liquid.  (I use vanilla soy milk but you could use milk or juice as well)  If you use fruit in juice or syrup you may not need any other liquid.

Blend until ingredients are mixed and smooth.

Enjoy!  :)

I use different fruit that I have on hand.  I add bananas if I have them. 
I've used home-canned peaches (I use a lighter sugar-syrup) with peach yogurt.

Apricot puree goes great with mango yogurt.  The puree was frozen when I made apricot juice and I froze some puree to use in baked goods.  I haven't used any in baking because it is so good in smoothies.

Canned plums (pits removed but skins on) with fieldberry.

Leftover canned pineapple with strawberry yogurt.

Frozen pitted cherries with black cherry yogurt.

The list goes on and on and you can change your yogurt flavours as well.

Once the fruit is ripe, I will be using fresh fruit again.

Bottoms up and enjoy!  :)

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  1. Wow, Joan, my mouth is full of water. A smoothie would be just what the doctor ordered. I'm glad we have about 40-50 trees on the property we buy and your glasses makes me even happier about that.