Monday, May 16, 2011

Leaves and Bunkers

My chickens are master gardeners.  You give them a pile of leaves and they work tirelessly - kicking, scratching, talking up a storm, trolling for bugs and much, much more.

Sometimes they stop and do the Hokey Pokey - "Put your left foot in, pull your left foot out, put your left foot in and shake it all about . . . "  ;)  

You can see how far and wide they have spread the pile.  I'd better watch out or they will ask for a raise!

Here we see a chicken tiller at work.  Notice how the leaves and garden soil are being mixed to the proper proportions.

Now we see one of the inspectors at work.  She is checking out the bare patch of dirt.  Oh, oh someone's in trouble for leaving a large bare spot.  "Who left their work station?  It's not breaktime yet!"  she squawks.

"Now girls, come over here and see what a fine tilling and mixing job was done on this spot" exclaims the inspector.  "Who is responsible for such fine work?"

 "Work?  Did someone mention work?  We're busy testing out the dustbath trenches."

"Aah, it feels good to work that dirt into my feathers - I was SOO itchy!"

"Now don't bother me - I'm busy can't you see?"

"You know this trench is deep enough so if I keep down, the inspector won't notice me taking my break early." 

"Hey, you fool, I said keep your head down or we'll be sent back to work!"

And that my dear readers is a tongue-in-cheek look and a day in the life of my chickens.  ;)

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  1. I've often wondered what goes on in the mind of a chicken. LOL Your girls are so cute and fluffy.