Monday, June 27, 2011

Baby Bird Visitors

We have had a number of baby birds visit over the years.  Most often we have had cute, fuzzy robins that still have that fat, fluffy baby look.

This youngster has started to get red feathers but still has some baby spots left.

They sometimes look a little ragged and scraggly just as chickens do when they molt.

Isn't he so cute and cuddly?  I just want to grab him and hug him.  What a sweetie!

This one almost looks lost and forlorn with that look on his face.  "Where's my momma?"

While you're checking out this sweet robin, I'll tell you what happened last week with a baby bird that I wasn't able to photograph.

I went out in the backyard and saw several crows around the sorting table where I sort the produce that I get daily from the grocery store.  I walked over to find a baby crow had fallen in the wheelbarrow and the sides were too steep for it to get out.  Mom and dad crow were causing a big ruckus trying to encourage junior to get out.

I lifted out the baby bird, who was about the size of a fat robin and he scooted away.  I saw that he couldn't get off the ground so was going to lift him up onto the fence so he was higher in the air for lift off.  (We've had to do that before for robins.)  Well. I should have thought of that when I was holding him because he hopped along too fast for me to catch him.

In the meantime, the crows started swooping and diving at me.  I've seen this happen with robins when the parents swoop to distract you and to protect their baby but never to this extent.  I had between 6 and 10 crows swooping and cawing and causing a big fuss.  In fact, the chickens all hid in the bush because of the racket.  This went on all day.  Any time I went outside, the crows started up again.  What a fuss!  It was as if they were waiting for me to come out so they could show me how annoyed they were with me. What an ongoing racket when all I tried to do was help.  Dumb crows!  Poor chickens spend alot of time running for cover that day!


  1. Yep. Thankless Crows. They've been waking us up at the crack of dawn for the past month as they encourage Jr. to follow them around and boy, is he NOISY!!!

    I'd better never get any complaints about my chickens cackling cuz they have nothing on all the racket the Crows make in our neighborhood.

  2. Ooh, creepy! I think that would have been nearly as bad as having a bat in your hair! LOL

    I love those baby robins too. So sweet. I watched one with his mama the other day, hoping along after her as she taught him to look for worms. He mimicked her every move! :)

  3. Hi. Great photos. I can feel your pain when it comes to swooping birds because, well, I have literally felt the pain of swooping birds. Three times to be exact! But that doesn't stop me from enjoying their sounds or trying to sneak a photo every now and then.

  4. We have a neighbor, Rick. One year he took a stick and swiped at the swooping crows. Was that the wrong thing to do!! For weeks every time he left the house, the swooping commenced. One day Rick walked down the street and around the corner. We could still see the crows going way up...and swoop. We laughed ourselves sick. This went on most of the summer.
    Rick has been known as Crowman the Barbarian ever since. We have shortened
    It to Crowman over the years.