Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lulu Visits the Ocean

On one of my visits to White Rock, my sister-in-law and I went for supper at an ocean view pub for fish and chips and beer.  It was too cool to eat outdoors but I stopped to snap some pics of the ocean.  It was gray and choppy and very cold looking.

You can see no one was walking along the shore on this cool evening.  I couldn't make out what that was in the water in the distance and after eating I forgot to look again to see if it was still there.

The clouds were breaking up and it looked more promising for the next day.  We didn't stay for the sunset because Lulu was home alone in a strange place.

The next day was warm and sunny so we returned to the ocean before I left for home.  This time Lulu accompanied us.

She sat on a driftwood log and surveyed her surroundings.

Since there were broken shells at her feet she decided to try some of the local cuisine.  "Hmm," Lulu said, "Maybe its the fresh sea air but these taste better than those old oyster shells you feed us at home!"  (We have a supply of oyster shell available for the girls to nibble on if they feel the need for extra calcium to build strong eggshells.)

Lulu gazed off into the distance.  "What's so special about the ocean?" she queried.  "It doesn't seem so magnificent and awesome - just alot of sand and rocks and very little water."

I explained that it was low tide and that the water last evening was almost up to where she was sitting.

She looked at me in disbelief and said, "What do you take me for - a bird brain?!  You're trying to feed me a line and I'm not taking it."

Since we had to leave, Lulu never got to see high tide.  Poor Lulu.  But on the other hand - how many other chickens do you know you got to see the Pacific Ocean - even if it was a low tide.  ;)

 All photos taken in White Rock, BC.


  1. I took a peek and laughed. Lucky Lulu!

  2. Ha! Ha! Ha! That Lulu is one smart chick!

  3. Glad Lulu enjoyed her fresh oyster shell. :)