Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bass Pro Shop

We recently attended a wedding in Calgary, AB.  On our way home we stopped at the Bass Pro Shop in Balzac, just north of Calgary.  It is an amazing store even without stopping to look at the merchandise.

This fireplace near the entrance is massive yet cozy.

Throughout the store there are wildlife scenes - some at eye level, some several floors up.

They have a two story waterfall with a pond containing live fish.  There also is a huge aquarium with numerous large fish swimming around.

Here we see a caribou herd being chased by wolves. The display runs between the first and second floor.

High near the ceiling they have displays of mountain goats,

and mountain sheep.

Notice the detail in the background.  The murals are very realistic and the trees and plants in front make it hard to determine where the scene stops and the mural starts.

We have visited the store several times and often don't have much time to look at the merchandise because we spend the time looking at the displays.

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  1. We have a Cabela's a few hours from here that has displays like that. It really is something to see. I enjoyed the freshwater fish tank and the trophy buck room the best.