Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Mighty Fraser River

This year spring run-off is late.  The Fraser River has been getting higher and higher.  Last week, according to our local newspaper The Lillooet News it flooded the Bridge River fishing rocks where many local native families have their drying racks for fish.  The paper continued, saying this has only happened twice before - in 1948 and in 1894.

Here we can see the river flooding trees by the new bridge and the campgrounds.

Notice the logjam in the trees.  Those were full grown trees that floated down the river and got hung-up on the live trees.

To the left of the trees in the river, there used to be a huge sandbar.  People would walk on it and in fact, that was where we got the gravel for around my herb garden.  Bye bye sandbar.

 This was the road out to the sandbar.  It was a gravel road but we were able to drive on it with our car.

Here is another view of the road.  Canoe time!

Here is a view of the Fraser from the old bridge.  The roar of the water is very loud.  The river swirls and eddies around and around as it rushes on.

Here is a logjam in the river.  Something is holding the logs there and more pile up all the time.  I saw a huge log going down the river.  It wasn't floating, it was travelling at a high speed.

Here is another view of the logs and debris piling up in the river.

The river reached its peak last week so the campground is safe from flooding.  I'll be watching to see how long it takes for the sandbar to return.

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