Monday, November 7, 2011

Lulu and Woodenhead

We're back!  After over three weeks, Lulu and I are home.  First thing Lulu did was have a dustbath in the flowerbed as I unloaded the car.  Oh the carefree life of a chicken! (especially a house chicken!!)

Check back to the Halloween entry as I added the pics of Lulu.  She was not too happy with me that day.  She didn't like dressing up at all.

My mom is doing fine.  She's getting out and about with my dad's help.  The swelling in her wrists have gone down and she is able to be without the sling for a short time.  She has some frustration having to depend on my dad for so much but that is understandable as they both are very independent. 

Today, I'll share pics of Lulu in Revelstoke, BC checking out a blockhead.

Here is Lulu looking at old "Woodenhead".

"You don't expect me to read this, do you?' asked Lulu.

Here is the story of Woodenhead.

"He isn't too sociable," said Lulu.  "He just sits there and stares like a block of wood."

"He does have a friendly smile, though," she mused.  "But enough of this, I'm ready to hit the road again."  And so we did.

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