Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lulu Visits the Dinosaurs

On our road trip, Lulu and I took a slight detour so she could visit some of her very distant relatives - the dinosaurs.  We stopped at Drumheller and Lulu met several interesting characters.

The first gentleman was quite the formal guy with his tuxedo jacket and bow tie.

He was not much of a talker but neither was Lulu, who was more interested in the leaves at his feet.

She did pause between bites and commented on his bright toenail polish.  (Much to her regret, she hasn't convinced me to paint her toenails yet.)

At one point, Lulu looked up and said, "Nice jacket, buddy but where are your pants!"

The dinosaur harrumphed and Lulu went back to her snack.

The next relative was Rex, the worlds largest dinosaur.  He stands 25 meters (82 feet) high.

Lulu stood on his toe and exclaimed, "I can see all the way across the parking lot to our car!"

"Boy, Rex,"  Lulu commented, "you really need to take better care of yourself.  Look how wrinkled your toes are getting!"

When asked is she wanted to climb the stairs and see the badlands view from within Rex's mouth, Lulu declined.  She decided she was high enough for her liking.

Across the park we ran into T-Rex.  Lulu posed in her best dinosaur pose -

and then went back to her more favorite past time of snacking.

I did get her to strike a pose with Rex and T-Rex before we headed back out on the road.

But not before a few more bites of grass.

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  1. Lulu, You are a very brave chicken! I showed this to my hens, and they said they would never want to be near a big dinosaur.