Monday, March 5, 2012

An End in Sight

Finally!  I ordered a laptop so it should be up and running within a couple weeks (depending on how soon it arrives). 

I have lots of pictures of travels with Lulu to share, plus spring and gardening are just around the corner.  :)

On a happy note, Lulu laid her first egg today since sometime before Christmas.  I am hoping that means her molting is over for the time being.  I am tired of the house looking like I've been having pillow fights.  Some days, I pick up all the feathers and turn around and there's Lulu grooming and picking out more feathers that are bothering her.  She seemed to do an all-over molt with no bare spots so she never looked funny.

She has been able to spend a fair bit of time outside except on days like today where we have strong wind warnings.  They mentioned that the winds could get up to 80 kph.  I hope not but time will tell.

Anyway, next time I will have lots of pictures to share.  ;)

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