Monday, March 26, 2012

The Swan, The Grizzly and The Brave Little Hen

Last fall we visited Swan Hills, AB.  Lulu and I were taking a walk in the park when we came across this confrontation and Lulu decided she needed to referee.  Here's the story that unfolded.  

Once upon a time there was a swan named Sonya.  She was big and beautiful and gold in colour.

One day. Sonya was stretching her wings and taking a quick break from her nestful of eggs.

While she was off her nest, who should appear but the neighbourhood bully, Gordo, the grizzly.  "Those eggs sure look tasty!" exclaimed Gordo.

"I'll guard the eggs!"  cried Lulu.  "You look after Gordo!"

"I'll just sit here on the edge and keep an eye on things."  said Lulu.

"Boy, Sonya sure has large eggs.  I don't think I can keep them all warm."  exclaimed Lulu.

"But I'll have to try because Sonya's busy with Gordo." puffed Lulu.

"That's it Sonya!  Stay between Gordo and the eggs!"  encouraged Lulu.  "The eggs are doing fine!"

"You keep away from my eggs, you big bully!"  Sonya screeched.

"Maybe I can help talk some sense into Gordo,"  declared Lulu.

"Sonya, I don't think flapping your wings and squawking is doing any good."  suggested Lulu.

"I think we need to work this out using calmer heads."  Lulu soothed.

"OK, Gordo.  Let's you and me have a chat about lunch alternatives."  said Lulu.

"Well," said Gordo.  "You might make a tasty morsel."

"Oh, not me!"  exclaimed Lulu.  "I'm all feathers and bones.  And you know how they say not to feed your dog chicken bones - I'll stick in your throat."

"Well, I wouldn't want to get sick," said Gordo.  "That's right," said Lulu.  "And you know eggs contain young birds - all those bones, not good for you."

"All right," said Gordo.  "I'll find something else to eat."  "Thanks, Lulu," exclaimed Sonya.  "You knew just the right things to say!"

So Lulu saved the day and they all lived happily ever after.  ;)