Monday, August 6, 2012

Frenching Green Beans

I like my green beans frenched when I freeze and blanch them.  It is more time-consuming but I think it is worth it.  I like whole cooked green beans when they are straight from the garden but think that they taste better frenched when they are from the freezer.

This shows the three methods of frenchers that I have used.

This was my first frencher.  You feed the beans through it one at a time. 

This was the second bean frencher I bought.  You turn the handle as you feed beans into the slot.  I used it for years frenching enough beans for a family of four.  Often we did a two person frenching - one feeding the beans and one turning the handle.

Last year, when I went to french my beans, I found the suction cups that hold the frencher to the table worn out.  I decided to try the food processor and VOILA! easy frenching.  You put half-a -dozen or so beans in the hopper and turn on the switch.  Then you feed in the beans as fast as you can.

Nice and easy and so quick!

I frenched these two huge bowls of beans in no time.  Now my food processor in my bean frenching buddy!  Then a quick blanching and yummy beans all winter.  ;)

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