Monday, August 20, 2012

Lulu Suntanning

Lulu loves to suntan.  She can often be found laying in a stupor soaking up the rays.  Here she is at Rocky Mountain House laying by the tire of my car - the sun was hot but it was hotter near the black tire.

She always get a glazed, strobed out look when she is sunbathing.

Here I got a good picture of Lulu in lala land!  LOL!

Sometimes she comes out of her daze to groom a few feathers and then she's gone again.

When she starts panting, she's gotten too hot and usually finds some water to drink or some shade to sit in.

Here I caught her walking across part of the garden that isn't planted.  She'd walk two or three steps, then sprawl out and zen out for a couple of minutes.  Notice her wing feathers are still scruffy, she never did finish molting them.

Here she came back to earth and then got up and walked a couple more steps before sprawling out again. She did this several times before she got across the garden.

Oh! Another nice soft spot to suntan in . . . . . 

I'm getting sleepy, sleepy, . . .  

I must go on . . . later. 

Some days though, she decides she doesn't want to be out in the heat and comes in the house where it is cool.  Sometimes during the day, I'll find her sleeping in one of the bedrooms with her head tucked under the bed skirt.  Or maybe she'll be dozing between the bath tub and the toilet bowl. (she startled my sister-in-law doing that one!)  Or she may be sitting on her table looking outside when dozing in the air conditioned house.  Funny girl!  ;)