Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pitting Cherries

Cherries are pitted much earlier in the year but since I'm posting a cherry jam next time, I decided to talk about pitting cherries.

This was my first cherry pitter.  Very slow and messy.  One at a time and juice splatters everywhere.  I borrowed a larger one that had a reservoir to catch the pits but it still only pitted them one at a time.  It was not as messy but my hand got sore from pushing down the plunger so many times.

I decided to splurge and get a multi-cherry pitter since I have four cherry trees and they produce many pounds of cherries. 

I freeze some of the cherries with pits just to eat as fruit during the winter.   I pit the ones I am going to use for jam, desserts, smoothies, and baking.

As you can see, it pits five cherries at once.  You fill the hopper with cherries and give them a nudge into the holes.

You pull the lever and voila five done in an instant.

As you can see the pitter comes down and pushes the pit through the cherry into a container.

You can see the sharp teeth that push out the pits.

The cherry stays on the pitter to fall off into another container.
Here are the cherries - ready to be bagged and frozen.  I usually make my cherry jams in the early fall when things have slowed down in the garden.  July is too busy and often much too hot to be making jam.
Here is the pile of pits.  This pitter is quick and not too messy.  It isn't 100% perfect so you do have to check for missed pits.  This happened with the other pitters as well.  Sometimes the pitter slides alongside the pit and leaves it in the cherry.  But this is minor to getting the pitting done quickly.  I do a quick check when bagging the cherries and again when I thaw them out to use to remove any missed pits. 

All in all, I'm happy with my cherry pitter.  It makes cherry pitting much simpler.

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