Thursday, December 27, 2012

Robins in the Winter

This year we noticed many of the robins did not fly south for the winter.  Up until a week ago that was fine because we didn't have any snow yet.  Now we have snow and ice covering everything as we had rain after a light snowfall that made the driveway into a skating rink.

The robins have been eating grapes left on the vine and have cleaned off the mountain ash berries.  I am concerned that they will have trouble finding food until the snow is gone.  They have been on the ground, digging the berries out of the ice and snow that they dropped off the tree.

I did some research on the internet and they are mostly fruit and insect eaters.  We put out a tray with some of Lulu's hen scratch and topped it off with chopped apples.  Since it has been really windy, we put a big rock in the tray so it wouldn't blow away.

Now we wait to see if they come to eat.  If so, we have lots of fruit in the coldroom and the freezer that we can share with them for the winter. 

We've had some lookers, but no one has ventured onto the tray to eat the apples and scratch.  Hopefully, soon one brave robin will try it and spread the word that we have food for them.  I would have for them to starve until the snow is gone.


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