Thursday, December 20, 2012

We're Back!

I finally made it back home.  Lulu not only survived but was thoroughly spoiled by my cousin, Tina.  She got treats and dustbaths and trips outside when it was nice and sunny.  Tina raked lots of leaves in the backyard and Lulu was there supervising and on worm patrol.

Tina said Lulu would follow her around and sit and the foot of her chair.  If Lulu figured Tina wasn't paying enough attention to her, she would stand up tall and peck Tina's clothes to remind her of her responsibilities.

Tina said Lulu had misbehaved for the first few days in that she would go to the bookshelf and peck at some of the books or go to the music shelf and peck at several of the cases that had cardboard covers.  Lulu would also go sit among the plants and peck at the wicker baskets and plant stands.

I'm glad Tina was here to look after Lulu because she would not have liked the trip.  Some of the days, the wind chill was -35°C.  BRRR!  Plus everyone had lots of snow so Lulu would not have been able to go out at all.

I did some visiting in Valemount, BC and Edmonton, AB before heading on to Saskatchewan - Delmas, North Battleford, Shellbrook and Prince Albert before I stopped in Saskatoon.  Unfortunately I picked up a flu/cold bug along the way and ended up spending most of my time in Saskatoon in bed.  Luckily I didn't pass it on to my parents with all my hacking and coughing, etc.

I did drag myself back home but am still under the weather.  Lulu and I spend a fair bit of each day cuddling on the couch.  She has much to say and chatters alot while staying close to Mama.

It is so nice to be home and to be able to cuddle my sweet Lulu!  ;)