Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lulu is a Brat!

Lulu hasn't been laying eggs since I was worried about her being  sick or eggbound just after Christmas.  She thought about it several times and sat for hours in her nesting box but it was only a passing thought.

She has also been losing feathers off and on the last few months.

Two days ago Lulu did lay a shell-less egg and I though "Oh, no!  Not this again!"  She seemed fine once she laid it - I guess she just doesn't have enough in her to lay eggs in shells.
When we had the rainy weather, Lulu was restless and wanted to go out.  I would open the door and she would look at the rain, turn around and come back into the house.

Since she was bored she decided to:
1.  Peck at the books and papers on the bookshelf.
2.  Check out the garbage can in the bedroom.
3.  Beat up on my sneakers and move them off the mat while pecking the shoelaces to death.
4.  Peck at my feet whenever I sat on the couch to pick her up.
5.  While snuggling beside me on the couch, pull and peck at my sleeve so I would pet her or at least keep my hand resting on her back while she slept.

What a brat!!  Lulu wasn't like this in the winter but maybe she got accustomed to the slower pace.  Now she wanted out but didn't want the rain.

Yesterday I put Lulu out in the morning and then had to go do some errands.  I still don't like leaving her out alone for too long because of that stalking cat.   When I went out to get her, she was already climbing the stairs to come in.  Now when the weather is bad, Lulu will do this but not usually in nice weather.  It crossed my mind that she wanted to lay again, but I thought "No, she doesn't, she just laid last night."

So I picked Lulu up and put her in the back seat where she always sits.  She started to squawk and mutter at soon as we left the yard.

I figured she was just giving me heck for not letting her in the house when she wanted in.

I made a couple quick stops and she continued to beak off.  I had one more stop that was to be quick but unfortunately there was a lineup. 

By the time I got back to the car Lulu was sitting quietly in the back seat.  It wasn't too hot as it was cloudy and I had the windows open for her but Lulu was panting.  I opened the door to get in and what did I find?  Lulu had somehow gotten into the front seat - she must have jumped up on the console between the two seats.  She had climbed on the driver's seat and POOPED on my cushion!  Then she went back in the back as if nothing happened.  If I didn't know any better, I would think she was showing me how "pooped" off she was.  Can you imagine!

When we got home, Lulu came into the house and proceeded to her nesting box where she sat and laid another "invisible egg".  ;)

What a chicken!  She sure keeps me on my toes!


  1. Wow Joan, that was a tantrum! Naughty Lulu! :D x

    1. I know! She was a terror! But I wouldn't be without her!

  2. She is such a hoot. If you lived over here, I would be begging for a Lulu visit. :-)