Monday, June 10, 2013

Lulu and the UFOs

Earlier this spring, Lulu and I stopped at St. Paul, Alberta to check out the UFO Landing Pad.


"Are you coming, mom?"  asks Lulu.  "Hurry up!  I don't see any green grass or bugs.  I want to go back to the car."

"You don't expect me to climb all the way up there, do you, mom?"  queries Lulu.  "Because I don't plan on tiring myself out."

"Hey!  Look at all the flags!  And a map of Canada!"  exclaims Lulu.

"Boy it sure is windy up here!  My feathers are getting all ruffled!"

"OK.  I've seen enough.  Time to go.  It is too cold here today!"  complains Lulu.

"Hey mom!  I want to get down!  I don't want to step in the snow!  Brr!!"  shivers Lulu.

The info centre looks like a UFO.

It was closed so we didn't get to look inside.  Maybe another day.

And so Lulu and I continued on our way.  ;)


  1. I love to follow Lulu on her many outings. I wish I could have a chicken like that but all my run to me when I come thinking I have food and then run away if I don't.

    1. I don't think she thinks she's a chicken because she is only around people. As long as I'm there, she is willing to do many non-chicken things.

  2. I just love Lulu. She should have a TV show. Travels With Lulu.

    1. Too funny! You have a good imagination! LOL!