Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lulu and Her Fans in Cochrane

We had some business in Calgary, AB and made a detour to Cochrane, AB so we could visit this statue by Don and Shirley Begg.  It had just finished raining before we arrived so the ground was damp.

The artists made three statues in the same series - one in Calgary, one in Cochrane and another in Saskatoon.

I love how Lulu looked with the bronze chickens.

She was very curious and looked around at everything.

While we were there, three families with numerous kids came along and wanted their pictures taken with Lulu.

While I was taking pics, they were all talking and asking me questions about Lulu.

Lulu behaved very well with all the chattering, talking and laughing.

She is not a big people person and usually prefers peace and quiet.

Some of the kids wanted to pet Lulu and I helped them with that while their parents snapped pics.  Several of the parents wanted their picture taken with me so somewhere there are pics of me smiling with a friendly strangers arm around my shoulders. 

They were a lively, friendly bunch but Lulu finally had enough and it was time to leave.  So off we went and continued our trip back up to Bonnyville with another photo-op coming up at Airdrie.  Til next time.  ;)


  1. She's a star! And I'm not telling any of my chickens or I'm sure to have a mutiny on my hands. ; )

    1. Everyone loves Lulu! I think part of the reason is being able to be up close and personal with a chicken in unexpected places. ;)

  2. Lulu is such a star and she coped very well meeting her fans. A true professional! :D x

    1. Yes she is getting better at putting up with her fans. She used to hobble away when someone else wanted to pet her.

  3. LOVE the photo of Lulu w/ the bronze hens. Such a sweet photo. Glad to hear she's getting used to others.

  4. I love the statue too! The chickens are very well crafted.