Monday, July 22, 2013

Lulu in Airdrie

We stopped in Airdrie, AB at an RV dealership to get some parts for the trailer plus have another photo shoot with Lulu and friends.

They had a giant rooster and a giant cowboy that I couldn't resist.

"Hey, mom!" called Lulu.  "Come look at the feet on this guy!"

"I can stand under here for shade or protection from the rain."  chuckled Lulu.

"How come a guy this big doesn't have any food lying around?"  asked Lulu.  "I guess that's why he's so big!" she mused.

"Hey!" exclaimed Lulu.  "I can see a long way from up here!"

"Hey, mom!"  cried Lulu.  "Look!  Our feathers match!  Maybe we're related!"

"This is quite comfy."  said Lulu.  "I could sit here all day and look around."

"Now I had better go check out that big guy over there."

"Boy, he sure needs to polish his boots."  said Lulu.

"Well, goodbye cousin.  It was nice meeting you."  said Lulu just before she climbed in the van to continue her adventures.  ;)