Monday, September 30, 2013

Lulu and the Buffalo

*** photos taken June 2013

Lulu and I stopped at the Western Development Museum in North Battleford.  It was time for a bathroom break for me and a grass break for Lulu.

At the edge of the parking lot, there was a statue of a buffalo so we decided it was a good photo-op.  As we neared the statue I saw this sign on the rock.  I thought it was referring to how buffalo ran wild and free many years ago on the prairies.

Lulu looked at the buffalo and said, "What a big animal he is!"

"But he isn't as big as some of the things we've seen, is he?"  queried Lulu.

"No" I said, "he is more life-sized instead of world's largest."

"Oh" said Lulu, "but I still wouldn't want to get him mad, his horns look sharp!"

"His fur looks funny!" said Lulu.

And sure enough, when I got closer I realized what the sign was all about.  The buffalo was made from barbed wire.  How neat is that!

So after Lulu walked around eating grass and looking for bugs, we continued on our journey.


  1. Sweet Lulu x
    I do love reading her stories Joan but I know it must be hard to post them xxxxxxxxxx

  2. I am still having a lot of trouble missing Lulu. I burst into tears at strange times - sometimes when I don't seem to even be thinking about her until I start crying and realize I am missing her. I like looking at photos of Lulu because I remember all the fun times we had. I am her photos as my screensaver on my laptop because I don't feel so alone looking at them. I do have trouble talking about her though. I guess only time will help. Thanks for your concern. Hugs

  3. Time is the only thing Joan. Grieving has to be the hardest part of the human experience. So hard. I thank you for the Lulu pictures. She had a lot of people who loved her.