Thursday, January 5, 2012

Still Waiting

Well we still don't know what's wrong with the computer.  It keeps bumping me out of things and doing mini-freezes. 

The computer guy removed a couple of viruses and thought it was working fine after that.  We brought it home and it was still doing the same tricks.  We called the repair guy and he came over to check it out.  Of course the whole time he was here the computer acted normally!!  When he left it went back to being persnickety.  He said he can't fix it if he can't see it acting up so we're back to square one. 

We had planned on buying a laptop this year but may have to bite the bullet and do it sooner than later. 

I can't download pics properly from the camera and the computer freezes when trying to upload pics to the blog that are already on the computer.  I've had trouble enough just entering this note because I have gotten bounced out several times.  (Thank goodness I am saving often so as not to have to retype the whole entry each time.) 

So I will be away until this problem gets dealt with or we get our laptop. 

My music blog will be back next week because there is no downloading involved there.

So until I return, keep healthy, happy and safe. 

PS.  Lulu says Hi.  ;)