Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sharing with Lulu

OK, still no pics but I have a Lulu story to share anyway. 

A while ago I was sitting on the couch and eating a piece of homemade apricot pie.  Lulu was sitting on her blanket on the couch beside me.  Of course, the rule with Lulu is "If you are eating anything and I can see you, you need to share." 

I don't mind sharing with Lulu so I was breaking off bits of the crust for her to nibble on.  She ate them but watched me forking much bigger pieces into my mouth than I was giving her.  I think she felt that I was getting more than my share.

So while handing her some crumbs with one hand and holding the plate in the other, I see Lulu quickly stretch her neck and bite off a huge piece of crust from the pie.  The piece was WAAAY too big for her but she quickly dropped it and broke it into bite sized pieces.

I was so surprised and laughing so hard, I almost dropped the rest of the pie.  What a goofy girl she is!

I can just see her saying, "Finally got my fair share instead of those piddly crumbs while mom sat there and ate the whole thing."

I now know not to sit too close to Lulu when we are sharing because she won't hesitate to take her share.  LOL!  ;)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog Day

Hello and Happy Groundhog Day!

My computer is still not working properly and I still cannot post pictures.  It still is being contrary and bumps my out and off the web whenever it feels like.  I decided to do a quick update to let you know that Lulu and I are still around.

Our winter weather has been quite varied.  We have had some snow and some very cold weather for here, down to -20°C to -25°C.  We've had lots of wind and wind warnings. On the other hand, we've had some very mild days as well - yesterday hit +15°C.  We've even had a rain storm that pounded on the windows hard enough to wake me up one night.  I don't know what to expect from day to day.

I've been keeping a low profile - reading, crosswords, computer, etc. since I broke a bone in my foot in early December.  It wasn't in a cast and I re-injured it by walking in the yard on uneven ground too soon.  I had it re-xrayed in January and was told to take it easy until early February.  So I've been lazing about relaxing and thinking how glad I am that this happened now instead of during gardening season.  I have been doing some baking and also crocheting some dish clothes as my supply had dwindled.

Lulu has been good company and content to stay indoors during the bad weather.  One day when it seemed the wind had died down, I had her outside.  She was contentedly pecking and scratching in the flower bed when a big wind came up and blew her about four or five feet out into the driveway.  I brought her in after that and she complained about the windy weather interfering with her chickeny duties..  On nicer days, she has been out digging in the flower beds and under the grape arbours.  If it is too cold or windy to go out she is content to lay on the end table and look out the front room window. 

Lulu refuses to step in the snow.  I had to shovel the driveway one day and took her out for some fresh air.  She stood exactly where I set her down and refused to move a step.  What a princess! 

Lulu isn't laying and hasn't been since early December. She is molting a fair bit and always seems to be grooming and pulling out feathers.  I pick up handfuls of feathers at a time off the floor around her.  She doesn't have any bare spots but seems to be quite thin.  She doesn't seem to eat much but drinks a great deal.  Lulu even seems to have lost her love of peanuts and sunflower seeds! 

My plans are to get a new computer soon.  Take care and remember spring in around the corner!  ;)