A Winter Night  by Tomas Tranströmer

Apple Jelly  by Margaret Atwood

Autumn in the Mountains  by Ktdid

Colors of Love  by Arun Kumar

Flowers  by Clara L. Balfour

Flowers  by Albert Laighton

Here It Comes  by Faith Long

How To Pet A Porcupine  by Evan James Griffin

In Memory of Lulu  by Marjorie Bradley

Lend Me A Bird - author unknown

Look Beyond the Clouds  by John W Townsend

Loveliest of Trees, the Cherry Now...  by AE Housman

Moss  by Bruce Guernsey

Rainbow Bridge  - author unknown

Spider Webs  by Amy Goldman Koss

Sunsets  by Ronald Reese

The Cabbage and The Rose  by Minnie Filson (AKA Rickety Kate)

The Chickadee  by C. C. Lord

The Horse  by Ronald Duncan

The Leaves  - Anonymous

The Mountain Goat  by  Rory Hudson

The Poppy  by Jane Taylor

The Tulip  by Ernestine Northover

Up the Stairs  by Joan DeLuca

Winter Morning Poem  by Ogden Nash

World of White  by Marilyn Lott

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