Posts in reverse chronological order

Lulu in Cutknife

I'm Back

In Memory of Lulu

Lend Me A Bird

Rainbow Bridge

Lulu 2009-2013

Lulu in Airdrie

Lulu and Her Fans in Cochrane

Lulu and the Giant Mushrooms

Lulu's Birthday

Lulu and the UFOs

Lulu is a Brat!

Lulu and the Perogy

Lulu and the Dragonfly

A Spring Day

Lulu's Couch Stairs

Spinach Time

Painting Update

Quick Update

Seedy Saturday

Happy Valentines Day

Lulu's Tail Feathers

Lulu and Wheatgrass

Garden Gossip with Lulu

Update on Lulu

Worried About Lulu

Lulu's Sleeping Habits

Happy New Year

Merry Christmas

We're Back

Travelling Without Lulu

 A Sunny Fall Day With Lulu

Lulu Visits White Rock

Lulu's Travel Tales

Lulu at Moose Lake

Parsley Seeds

Lulu Visits Jasper

Car Ride with Lulu

Lulu Suntanning

Potato Test

Crooked Bush

Lulu's Comb

Close Call for Lulu

Lulu Stories

Lunch With Rambo

Lunch With Lulu

Volunteer Spinach

Lulu Lays Large Eggs

Lulu's Drinking Problem - Part 2

Lulu's Drinking Problem - Part 1

Mundare Kielbasa

Sangudo Sundial

The Swan, The Grizzly and The Brave Little Hen

One of Those Days

An End in Sight

Sharing with Lulu

Groundhog Day

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Indoor Grass

12 Foot Davis

November Weather

A Dust Bath at Grandma's

Lulu Visits the Dinosaurs

Lulu and Woodenhead

Hello again

Happy Halloween *** UPDATED WITH PICS ***

Planting Garlic

My Chickens are All Gone!

Mount Robson

Growing Grapes

Lulu and the Skunk

Lulu Goes Camping

Clepsydra - Water Clock

Lulu Visits the Ocean

Hide and Seek with Lulu

Lulu's Boyfriend

Lulu Goes to a Party

On the Road with Lulu

Lulu Climbs the Stairs

Lulu Indoors

Lulu at the Spa

Gardening with Lulu

The Story of Lulu - Part Two

The Story of Lulu - Part One

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