Thursday, October 14, 2010

Golfing with Sheep

Well the golf season is winding down for the year but I have some pictures to share of our local golf course.  It is a nice little course nestled in the mountains.  Here are a couple of shots of the view.

Now as nice as the view is - that is not the drawing card.  The nine-hole course is on a working sheep ranch with golfers and sheep sharing the pasture.

The fairways may not be as nice as some of the pristine 18-hole manicured courses but the woolly "natural" hazards make up for it.

Don't expect the sheep to stay quiet when you're ready for your shot, especially when the lambs are around and misplace "mom".

Here you see one of the women's tee boxes being groomed by some of the "groundskeepers".

You also may run into one of the llamas who share the pasture with the sheep.  Here are a couple watching while you putt out.

A golfer wondering where to place her ball without hitting any of the "obstacles".

Oh, and by the way, for a shot like this, do you move your ball or the . . . ?  ;)

So if you are in the Lillooet area and you are a golfer, stop by for a unique round of golf.  FORE!


  1. Your pics made me laugh! Fun and funny at the same time. :-)

    p.s. You're in my home province! (I'm now a So Cal transplant)

  2. Oh that is too much dear!!! I have to share this for sure with some friends I know are HUGE golf fans. I bet you they would schedule a vacation around this. Especially since the guy I know's wife grew up raising sheep! HAHAHA