Monday, October 4, 2010

Not the Great Pumpkin . . . BUT . . .

Okay so I didn't grow the Great Pumpkin - in fact, I didn't even grow the Zucchini that fed half of LA.  But I did grow a few nice sized veggies. 

I had huge radishes that were crisp and not hollow or woody.

My sister-in-law was picking tomatoes and knocked off this big fellow by accident.  It was 1 1/2 pounds of tomato.  When it finally turned red, two people used it for tomato sandwiches for two days.  One slice of tomato covered a slice of bread.

 My cukes were nice and crispy, not at all bitter or dry.  Once they started producing, I always had my crisper full and gave them away by the grocery bag.

This was one day's picking and I usually picked the cukes twice a week.

This was one of my monster turnips from last year.  Some of them were normal and others were mutant giants.

Here is a comparison of a normal-sized and a giant turnip. 

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