Monday, January 24, 2011

Snow, snow, snow

I've been off visiting since the New Year leaving my son in charge of the chickens and Lulu in charge of my son.  LOL! Don't tell him I said that! ;)

I seemed to have left a trail of heavy snowfall where ever I travelled.  I left home and it snowed the following day.  I was in Edmonton for a couple of days and it snowed after I left.  I was in Saskatoon and it snowed while I was there.  I arrived back in Edmonton and it snowed for 4 days!  I was extremely fortunate to have great road conditions for most of the trip with a few icy patches but no snow while travelling.

I took some photos of the latest snowfall near Edmonton.  I was visiting relatives who have an acreage near Elk Island Park east of Edmonton, Alberta.

Here is the Welcome sign and a peek at the house through snow-covered trees.

Another peek at the house through the trees.

The snow-covered deck where we sat and sunned ourselves last summer.

The woodpile near the fire pit where the squirrels played hide and seek.

The pathway to the pond where frogs and ducks abound in the summer and converted to a skating rink for the winter months.

Barb and Don trying to keep ahead of Mother Nature so they can skate.  I think Mother Nature edged ahead that weekend.

Some of the Christmas lights that are being buried in the snow.

Same lights after dark.  Aren't they pretty?

The deck railing has lights strung on it but again Mother Nature added to their splendor.

Snow-covered shrubs showing off the colours of their lights.

A hedge decorated by man and Mother Nature.

Dreamy colours make you forget about the cold.

All photos taken near Edmonton, Alberta.

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