Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween *** UPDATED WITH PICS ***

Happy Halloween to all.  I am still away because while I was visiting my parents, my mom fell and broke her arm.  I am on my way home now but visiting friends and relatives along the way.  I will be back in a week or so and have pics of Lulu in costume.  My sister had costumes for her cat so we had Lulu try them on (much to her chagrin).  My mom is fine - just unable do everything she usually could.  I'll update this thread when I get home.  Be back soon.  Joan and Lulu

OK, Here is Lulu dressed up for Halloween.  This is her "Cluck Norris"  costume from two years ago.  Notice her cute iddy biddy comb.

Here she is portraying a "Headless Chicken".  (Actually she was moving to fast and her head wasn't in the pic.

Here we have "Count Cluckula".  Are you groaning yet?  

"You're not putting THAT on my head are you?" asked Lulu.

"I told you it was too big," sighed Lulu.

Here we have "Hot Wings."

"What's that saying about the early bird in the worm."  asked Lulu.

"And talking about worms, I'm getting hungry!"  exclaimed Lulu.

"I sure hope none of my friends see me like this.  I look ridiculous",  pouted Lulu.

"Great pumpkin, indeed - bah, humbug." huffed Lulu.

"You guys had better quit laughing at me." 

"Grumble, mumble, bleep, bleep, bleep."

"I have never been SO humiliated in my whole life."

"Happy Halloween!  I'd better get some good treats after all this!"  exclaimed Lulu.  And yes she did.  She got some peanuts which are a favorite of hers, (I keep a special bag of unsalted ones just for her).


  1. Okay Joan...I've been on this planet for 55 years and I've never seen a chicken dressed up in a costume. WHERE ARE THE PICTURES!!??

  2. Wow! Lulu is one cool chick!

  3. Wow, Lulu is quite a sport! For Fowloween around here we just let the chickens and turkeys loose on carved pumpkins. Next year though... ;)