Thursday, October 20, 2011

Planting Garlic

Fall is the perfect time to plant garlic.  You just have to take a few precautions and you're fine.

First you choose your largest, healthiest heads.  You do not want shriveled, dry garlic as it may not sprout.  The two smaller heads were from bulbils off garlic scapes.

Choose your plot.  I usually plant mine at an edge or in an out of the way spot.  I tilled and raked the area.

I dug two more or less straight rows about a foot and a half apart.

Lulu came by to inspect my work.

It didn't quite pass as she had to do some minor adjustments to the rows.

Break the head of garlic into cloves.  I usually plant only the largest cloves and use the rest for cooking but since I am going away for a couple of weeks I just planted everything.  I also decided that since I planted the bulbils off the garlic scapes this year and they grew fairly well, smaller cloves will work fine.

Press the clove, whisker side down into the dirt. 

Cover the garlic with soil.

You now have to cover the garlic for the winter.  I use hay as it works well plus you don't have to remove it in the spring, the garlic just grows up through it.  The first year I lived here, I planted garlic in the fall but did not know enough to cover it.  It sprouted and grew and then when the weather froze, there was no protection and the garlic did not regrow the following spring.

Here the hay is spread on the rows and everything is good to go for the winter.

Here is the inspector checking out the laying of the hay.

Lulu must be satisfied with my work because after eating a few seeds from the hay, she decided it was fine and found a sunny spot to have a dust bath in the newly tilled garden.


  1. Isn't Lulu funny! I have a crazy little grey cat who follows me around inspecting everything I do in just the same way.

  2. Cute, our chickens help us plant garlic too. I used to be really bad about remembering when to plant it, but now I just remember to have the garlic in the ground before the Vampires show up for Hallowe'en ;)

  3. You've inspired me to plant garlic! If only I had a helper like Lulu. I do how she's going out of town with you. I know she'll be miffed to be left behind.

  4. I LOVE Lulu pictures and updates. You guys are adorable!!