Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Laughs and Carrot Tales

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada.  We celebrate with turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie and family get-togethers.  We hope the nice weather lasts for the last long weekend of the season.  Crisp leaves, no school, football games and more.

I love the follow clip and think about it every time I stuff a turkey.  (Even if it is Christmas clip, it gives me a laugh every Thanksgiving)

Good old Mr. Bean!  Thanks for the laughs!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

PS   Here's a story for you.  My mom and dad came to visit earlier this year for a couple of weeks. My dad is 80 going on 25 (he can work a 25 year old under the table any day!)  He loved being out in the yard tilling and chipping food for the chickens among other things.  He was having fun tilling between the rows in the garden and in the chicken yard (especially the chicken yard!).

Here's my dad tilling for the chickens.

He liked to till in circles and watch them follow him.

Here are the girls eating in a circle.

My dad hasn't tilled for many years and it took a bit to get used to our tiller (it was more powerful than the smaller one he used to own).  Anyway, during his tilling fun, he tilled up most of my carrots as they were still fairly small.  Since he was having so much fun, I didn't say anything and waited until they were gone to plant more carrots.  Some of my original carrots survived the tilling and those were what I was using.  Yesterday I went out to dig up some of the carrots I had planted after he left.  I hadn't used them at all and they were basically forgotten all summer.  Well, they were huge!  Here are a few of the giants!


  1. Oh, the chickens following him around is just too sweet. There are a few small bushes in my yard that are always loaded w/ slugs underneath. But the hens can't get to them.

    But if I walk over and lift up the branches, they come running and just gobble up every last slug under there.

  2. I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving. I have to admit, the chickens following in a circle, in the hopes of unearthing a tasty treat, are just too adorable!

  3. Wow! I guess you can thank your dad for those. : )

    Happy belated Thanksgiving! We were able to eat outdoors for the first and possibly only time ever. What a treat!