Monday, December 12, 2011

12 Foot Davis

When we were in Peace River, Alberta, Lulu and I visited the statue of 12 Foot Davis.

He got the nickname from filing a claim on a 12 foot piece of land between two other claims in the Caribou region of east central BC during the 1860s.

 "This park has a nice view, said Lulu.  "Grass, trees and the river."

"Boy, he sure is a tall one", said Lulu.  "And look at the size of his feet!" 

"Well, what are you standing around gawking for?  We've got places to see and grass to eat.  Come on, Mom, hurry up!" exclaimed Lulu. 

So that was our quick look at 12 Foot Davis.  Lulu doesn't always have a lot of patience.  ;) 

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