Thursday, December 8, 2011

Salmon Patties

I first ate Salmon Patties at my dear aunt's dinner table years ago.  They were simple, quick and yet tasty.  She used canned sockeye salmon to make hers.  I have sometimes used canned salmon but this time we baked a whole salmon and had leftovers so I decided to make salmon patties.

Ingredients (since this is a throw-together recipe exact amounts aren't given)
salmon - canned sockeye or leftover cooked salmon
crackers - soda crackers or cheese Ritz crackers
onion, celery, green pepper or carrots
parsley and/or dill weed

If you don't start with canned salmon. you need to remove all the bones.

Mash the salmon with a fork.

I add a sprinkle of dried parsley and some dried dill weed.  You can also add pepper or other seasonings if you wish.

Auntie Ruby added finely chopped onion to her patties.  She also sometimes used finely chopped celery.  I have seen some recipes use chopped green pepper as well or instead of the onion and/or celery.  I decided to try grated carrots.  The choice is totally yours.

Add an egg or two depending on the amount of salmon you use.  Canned salmon usually is moister so you would only need one egg.

Add some crushed crumbs and mix together well.

I used regular soda cracker crumbs but you can also use cheese flavored Ritz crackers for a slightly different taste. 

Form the salmon mixture into patties.

Coat both sides with cracker crumbs, pressing slightly into the surface of the patty.

Fry in butter at medium to medium high heat.

Flip when browned.  Serve warm.

Since I have lots of carrots this year, I whipped up a quick carrot slaw.  To grated carrots add chopped apples and raisins.  In the past, I have also added chopped celery and/or nuts.  Again totally your choice.

Mix some mayo with a bit of milk and pour onto the slaw.  Stir until well coated.

We ate the salmon patties with a seafood cocktail sauce and carrot slaw.

Enjoy!  ;)

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