Monday, April 8, 2013

A Spring Day

The weather this spring is a lot cooler than we've had the last few years.  It goes below freezing almost every night plus has been rainy and windy.  It has been snowing up on the mountains while we are getting rain down here.

The first year we were in Lillooet, we were already planting potatoes, etc. by this date.

It was a nice day so I decided to do some work in the flower beds, with supervision, of course.   ;)

I was working on the quack grass and Lulu was working on the worms and bugs.

I would often have to move Lulu as she would get in the way - standing right where I was digging.

Here she is giving me a look because I had just moved her a bit.

Lulu does get in the way, but I really don't mind too much.  She likes to stay close to me and I think at times she gets lonely.

Some of the daffodils are out.

They are such a vibrant yellow.  I love them!

The apricot tree in the front yard is blooming.  There were quite a few bees buzzing around the blossoms.

Looks like we're getting a good crop of apricots again.

Apricots burst into bloom so quickly.  One day you have a bare tree and the next day you go out and BAM! - the whole tree is in bloom.  Amazing!  :) 



  1. Lulu seems to think you are her flock. How cute is that? I have a cat that has a way of being right where I want to work too. It takes me twice as long to do everything with cuddles and pets interspersed with work.

    1. I not sure if she thinks that I'm her flock. I lean more towards her thinking she's the boss and I'm her staff. She always talks and encourages me to dig "more, more, MORE". And yes, work is much slower with her "help" but I enjoy her company and her antics so it is a small price to pay.

  2. What a lovely story. thanks for sharing about your chicken lulu ... love it.