Monday, April 22, 2013

Pasta Dryer

When I blogged about my homemade pasta here,  I got many comments about my pasta dryer.  I was looking on line for one several years ago but didn't like most of them.  I wanted something sturdy yet easy to store.  I also wanted it to hold lots of pasta because I never seem to do anything in a small way.

Barry looked a several photos and decided to make me one.  He didn't use a plan - he's good with wood that way.  :)

Here are all the pieces of the dryer.


The two side pieces have a notched top and a single notch for the cross piece.

Here are the top pieces and the cross piece.  Notice how nice and smooth Barry got them all.

This is a closer look at the top edge.

And the bottom.

Here the rack is standing nice and sturdy with the cross piece.

Now fit in the drying strips and you are ready to go!

And here is the finished dryer - all together and ready to go.

I think Barry and I work well together.  I come up with the ideas and he takes them and turns them into reality! 
Lucky me!  ;)


  1. the best one Iv`e seen yet, thanks for posting . I plan to make one but using dowels as i have a lot of them .

    1. I bet that will work well. I love the fact that this one comes apart for storage. Barry did a lovely job!