Monday, March 28, 2011

Lulu Goes to a Party

My sister lives on an acreage near Saskatoon.  We had the party for my dad's 80th birthday at her place.  Over the last few weeks, I had been doing the baking (lemon squares for my dad as well as the party plus a variety of other dainties).  All recipes have either been posted or will be posted over the next month or so.

Everyone was at my sister's place so Lulu had to go as well.  I couldn't leave her shut in my parent's laundry room nor could she have free run of their place.  Since my sister has a cat, and Lulu doesn't like noise and crowds, we set up a room for her downstairs.  All day long, I conducted Lulu tours for people who wanted to meet the travelling chicken.  She got tired of all the fuss after awhile and would hide in her carrier.

When most of the people had left, my sister put her cat out for awhile so Lulu could come upstairs.  Lulu then wandered around the kitchen which is decorated with strawberries.

"What's in the pot."  Lulu asked.  "Anything edible?"

"These look interesting."  mused Lulu.  "They should be tasty - so nice and red."

"They were too hard," pouted Lulu.  "Maybe they aren't ripe yet."

"Hey! What's this in this dish?"  questioned Lulu.  "It looks like food."

"Hmmm.  I wonder if someone left this here for me."  asked Lulu.

"I don't like that piece.  It's too big and lumpy."  fussed Lulu.

"I don't like those either.  Isn't there anything here that tasted good?  I'll have to keep digging until I find some."  said Lulu with determination in her eye.

"Oh, oh.  Someone made a mess here.  I don't think I'll get invited back to this place."  mumbled Lulu as she checked out the mess she made.

"Aah!  Back at grandma's on my own favorite rug - messed up just so."  sighs Lulu.  "Almost as good as being home."

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