Thursday, March 24, 2011

On the Road with Lulu

My dad turned 80 this month so we had a family supper and a party for him in Saskatoon.  My neighbour volunteered to look after the chickens while we were gone but it was too cool to leave Lulu outdoors.  Last time we all went out of town and left the chickens was in the summer and Lulu was able to stay outside and sleep in her nest in the garage.  Usually my son had been home but he wasn't going to miss grandpa's birthday.  So Lulu came along on the trip. 

First on the list of things to do was pack our luggage.  Here is Lulu's and my luggage.

My luggage.

Lulu's luggage.

When I travelled with Lulu last summer, we went to Edmonton to visit my aunt in the hospital.  She sat in her carrier in the front seat.  We stopped a number of times along the road so we both could stretch our legs.  Here Lulu is checking out her travelling accommodations.  She has room to turn around in plus food and water in her carrier.

This time the trip was not only to Edmonton in one day (I took two in the summer) and onto to Saskatoon the next, it was too cold and wintry to stop and let Lulu out.  "If you think I'm going out in that cold weather, you're crazy."  exclaimed Lulu.

So Lulu had the back seat mostly to herself.  I would sit with her on occasion and she would sit out on blankets instead of in her carrier.  She liked being able to see what was happening around her.  When I sat with her I usually held her on a towel on my lap.  Naturally she put me to sleep like she does when we lay on the couch.  She is much better than a sleeping pill.  She didn't sleep though, as she was watching trees and poles fly by.  She would watch one tree until it was out of sight and then watch another.  She was making me dizzy watching her watching trees.

Since the trip to Edmonton took over ten hours, we travelled the last of the trip in the dark.  I hadn't latched Lulu's door and heard it slam a couple of times but I didn't see anything in the backseat in the dark so thought it might have been a rough spot on the road.  It turned out Lulu snuck out of her carrier and lay down on some of the luggage and blankets as close to the front seat as she could.  She didn't make a sound and when I found her there once we got to Edmonton, it reminded me of a little kid who sneaks out of their room when they are supposed to be in bed.  This is a pic I snapped from the front passenger seat with Lulu as close as she can get without giving herself away.

We did stop to get some "touristy" pics with Lulu.  We stopped at Vegreville, Alberta so she could see the egg. 

She wasn't impressed by the size of it because it was too cold and blustery for her.  A couple of quick snapshots and back into the warm vehicle.

We also stopped at Radisson, Saskatchewan to show Lulu the Red Bull but again the wind ruffled her feathers and she was anxious to leave.

We stayed with my parents in Saskatoon and Lulu came out to the party at my sister's place but that is another story.


  1. what a cute ''bird'' =D
    I do not know the english word for the dutch ''Haan''

  2. elexerdelex - the English word is hen (female chicken) I think shes cute too! ;)

  3. Jojo, I think you just might be the sweetest chicken owner in the world. Lula is certainly lucky to have such a wonderful and caring human 'mother'. I was sure you were going to say that night in the car you found her roosting on your head-rest. Tell Lulu she looks great with 'that wind blown' look.
    the wanna be country girl - Caroline

  4. Ooo my goodness this is too funny & cute. Lulu is one spoiled chicken, I love it :)

  5. interesting , a well traveled chicken
    enjoyed your post.


  6. Lucky Lulu!

  7. You and lulu remind me of people who take their garden gnomes on vacation. But funnier!! I have been blowing these pics up and sharing them with my husband. What a riot!! You are so sweet to take her with you.