Monday, April 23, 2012

Lulu's Drinking Problem - Part 1

Lulu has a drinking problem.

She doesn't like to drink out of her plastic bowl.

She prefers to drink out of a glass - especially if you take the time to hold it for her.

Since she is so fussy, I keep a glass for her either on her footstool or the table she sits on to look out the front window.

She will drink alone but is more apt to drink if I pour some of MY water into HER glass.  Maybe it tastes different?!  Better??

She likes her glass so why fight it.

When I hold the glass, I can tell when she's not thirsty anymore because she starts playing in the water.  When she is full, she still dips her beak in, but then she shakes her wattles and water flies all over.  This only happens at the end when she's had enough.

She's almost as bad as kids blowing bubbles in their milk when they are full.

Look out, she's getting ready to shake! 

I have to clean my glasses so often because of Lulu and her drinking habits.