Monday, April 2, 2012

Sangudo Sundial

Last fall, Lulu and I stopped at Sangudo to check out the sundial.

They provided a lot of interesting and informative notes and diagrams.


I think it was neat to use the elevator shape that is common to the prairies for the sundial.

It was quite a brisk, windy day as you can see by the flag blowing straight out.

Lulu was not too impressed because she doesn't like the wind.

Her feathers got ruffled and you know how that upsets a gal when you have just put them all in place.

It was very open as they need to have nothing in the way of the sun.

Before we left, Lulu had a snack on the grass to hold her over until the next stop.

You can see the shadow on the boulder telling the time.

It was a neat idea and a learning experience.

Lulu didn't care as long as she got to eat something.

All loaded and back in the car heading on our way.

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  1. You made my day Joan. You know I'm Lulu's biggest fan!!