Monday, May 28, 2012

Lunch With Lulu

Lulu explains lunch:

Come along my friends and join me for lunch.  Now lunch is never held at any certain time.  Lunch time is at 11:00 am or 11:30 am and again at 11:31 am and then once more at 11:34 am and on and on until it is time for snacks or coffee break or supper.

Now lunch can be lettuce - I will eat lettuce indoors but I do prefer freshly picked lettuce - especially if i pick it myself.  ;)

I prefer my lettuce growing in the garden as it is easier to rip off bite-sized pieces (since I seem to be lacking teeth!).  I will eat lettuce indoors if mom holds it for me or remembers to rip it into little pieces for me.

HEY!  Who ate all the lettuce!!  Somebody ate all my lunch while I was talking to you.

Oops!  I was talking and eating and I guess I ate it all myself.  Silly me!

Oh well, onto the next course.  I have layer pellets in one dish, scratch in another and eggshells in the third.  Decisions, decisions.  I really, Really, REALLY love scratch.  It is the best, but I need to eat the others so I can lay nice eggs.  Laying eggs can be a pain in the butt but I get to eat peanuts whenever I lay an egg - and I LOVE peanuts!!

Sometimes I get to eat yogurt or bread or sunflower seeds or cucumbers.  I really like almost anything as long as I see mom eating it.  I love to share with her.  I also like to drink out of a big person's glass instead of the dumb bowl.  I never see mom drinking out of a bowl so why should I?

I think I'm getting full so it is time for a nap then I'll have more energy so I can lunch some more.  Did I tell you yet - I love lunch.  Come again for lunch as long as you bring something to share with me.  :)


  1. I love this! What a lucky hen Lulu is! x

  2. Lulu darling. It is wonderful to meet someone so passionate about lunch. You are the cutest thing ever.