Monday, May 21, 2012

Pruning the Cedar Hedge

This spring we decided that the cedar hedge needed pruning.  We haven't touched it since we moved here and it is getting taller and taller.  It also seems that it is getting thinner in spots.  We decided to top off the hedge so our view across the river isn't completely blocked.  Hopefully it will also help the hedge from getting more thin spots.

Here you can see the hedge as it was before trimming.  Some people also trim the sides so they are straight and regimental.  We like the natural curves of the cedars.

We bought  a gas-powered trimmer so we don't have to worry about long extension cords.  Barry found that standing on the van was the right height without having to move the ladder so often.

We only trimmed around 2 feet off the top.  We may shorten it more next year but decided that this was enough for this year.

Standing on the van worked great along the driveway and out front but for the rest of the hedge a ladder was used.  The bad thing about using the van was when it was cooler and damp, it was too slippery to stand on.

Now we can see the highway across the Fraser Valley from our front window again.  Plus I think the hedge looks much neater looking.

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