Thursday, July 19, 2012

Crooked Bush

When Lulu and I visited my parents, they had planned a road trip to see the Crooked Bush that grow near Hafford, Sask.  Since I had never seen them, we all went together.

Lulu wasn't very happy since she had to lay an egg and also had to share the back seat with me.  Some of the roads were a bit rough and she didn't like getting jostled about. 

I've heard them referred to as The Crooked Bush or The Crooked Trees.  They are a grove of aspen trees that grow very crooked for some unexplainable reason.  There is a similar grove right across the road that grow straight and normal.

This is the sign at the bush that gives you more questions instead of answers about the trees and why they are crooked.  There was a study at the University of Manitoba that explained that the trees have a genetic mutation but doesn't say why or how it happened.

Each tree is different and unique. Some have major turns in their trunks like the one below.

Several have grown across the boardwalk erected by the Friends of the Crooked Bush to help protect the trees from being disturbed.

Look at the wavy branches on this tree.  Almost like undulating snakes.

This looks like a person standing there with one hand on their hip and the other in their hair.

This one grows horizontal to the ground before making a 90° turn.

It was very peaceful and quiet in the bush.  Almost a feeling of someone holding their breath.

This one looks like a corkscrew.

Some of the trees have died but their stark crooked skeletons add to the mystery of the bush.

It was amazing to see all the twists and turns in the branches.

It would be neat to visit the trees in the fall after the leaves have fallen to really appreciate and view the bush.

These two almost look xrated.

Just look at all the directions this on trunk goes!

If you have a chance to visit the trees, take the time to do so.  They are a wonder to see.  The directions are in the following link.


  1. That is pretty cool. I hope Lulu enjoyed it as well. I'll definitely go see this when I visit sask some day.

    1. They really were amazing as was the feeling of peace and serenity whan I stepped into the bush.