Thursday, July 26, 2012

Waterfalls Along The Icefields Parkway

In June, Lulu and I travelled through the Icefields Parkway coming home from Rocky Mountain House.  I love the power of waterfalls so I stopped at a number of them along the way.  Most of them were really roaring because we have had a wet spring and goodly amount of snow in the mountains this winter.

The first one I stopped at was a pullout for the lookout for Bridal Veil Falls.  There was a hiking trail that I followed and got quite muddy because it had just rained.  I didn't go too far because it was slippery and I didn't want to slide down the mountain slope.

While walking the trail to Bridal Veil Falls, I could hear a dull roar off to the left.  I ventured that way and found a huge rushing waterfall.  I got quite wet from the spray and had to wipe off the lens and my glasses several times.  I found out later that this is Panther Falls.

Continuing down the road towards Jasper, you round a corner and Boom! on your right is Tangle Falls.  There is a pullout on the left side of the road so you can stop.  It was quite a pretty falls and no muddy hike in order to snap some pics.

Then a short way down the road, I came across a waterfall off to the left.  I pulled over and quickly snapped away.  I couldn't find a name for it anywhere.

Next stop, Sunwapta Falls.  There are paved pathways so not as much chance of getting muddier.  (My pants already looked bad from the knees down.)  You could tell that the water is high this year because several walkways closer to the falls were blocked off because the river was over its banks and covered some of the pavement.

Last stop, Athabasca Falls.  Again there is pavement so mud wasn't a problem, but in several places you had to walk through water 1 to 2" deep to get further up the path.

Lulu had to stay in the car while I snapped pics at all the falls.  I took her out several times during the trip but she didn't like all the water laying around nor the rain.  She is a fair-weather bird.


  1. BEAUTIFUL waterfalls. Love the photos.
    Also got your post to my last blog. Your Lulu reminds me of my Ginger in so many ways. They are both so sweet and gentle. And my Ginger will totally go off and pout if she doesn't get her way. It can be a challenge keeping her happy around her aggressive sisters. But I keep coming up with new ways. So it keeps my mind sharp too.

  2. Breathtaking waterfalls pictures which reminds us of Niagara and Angel falls.