Monday, October 15, 2012

Lulu at Moose Lake

We stopped at Moose Lake, AB.  It is a lovely blue-green lake.

There was some vegetation so Lulu got to have a nibble.

"Hey, mom," Lulu cried, "keep an eye out for dogs so I can enjoy my snack." 

"Boy this is a nice view," exclaimed Lulu, "I can see for miles and miles.  Doesn't the water look peaceful?"

It was a nice view and we had a fair bit of company.  A mom and her two young girls came over to see Lulu.  She took pictures of them petting her.  I picked her up so they could feel her comb and get a better look at her.  They were excited to tell their teacher when they went back to school that they saw a chicken and got to pet her.

"Not many bugs here, mom," said Lulu.  "Not like yesterday!  Boy, oh boy!  We should go back there!"  Lulu was referring to the rest stop near McLure, BC.  It had been a cool morning so the grasshoppers were still slow enough for Lulu to catch them.  She chases them at home but isn't too successful, but at McLure she had her fill.  I think she ate nearly a dozen of them.  She was one happy chicken!

"Look, mom," warned Lulu.  "They have a dog over there!  I hate dogs!  They scare me!"

As I was taking Lulu back to the car, a vehicle stopped and a woman rolled down her window and asked, "What's the story with the chicken?"  I told her about Lulu and she asked to take her picture too.  Lulu, the star.  ;) 

So we left the peaceful lake and all Lulu's fans and continued on our journey.  ;)


  1. Omg Joan. I really hope you bring lulu to the island some day, I would LOVE to see her. :-)

    1. If and when we come to the island, you'll be the first we call. :)

  2. What a beautiful view! How cute Lulu has made some new friends. She will be famous before we know it. :)