Thursday, October 25, 2012

Making Raisins

The grapes were plentiful this year.  Our earliest grapes are seedless green grapes that are very sweet.  I'm not sure what variety they are but one neighbour said she thinks they are Himrod.

The grapes are a nice size and sweeter than any grape I've ever bought at a grocery store.

There were too many to eat and since they are seedless, I thought they'd be a perfect grape to use for making raisins.

I picked, washed and sorted the grapes.  I made sure they were well drained so as not to add to the drying time. 
The one complaint I have about this type of grape is the stem often comes off with the grape.  These all have to be removed or else you have little dry sticks on your grapes.    

I filled my dehydrator trays without piling the grapes on top of one another. 

Here are the raisins dry and ready to be bagged.  I find drying times vary from batch to batch depending on the outside temperature and humidity level. 

Now I'll have fresh homemade raisins for eating and baking all winter.  ;) 

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