Monday, October 29, 2012

Lulu's Travel Tales

It is always great fun travelling with Lulu.  I get to meet many interesting and interested people.  Here are a few encounters we've had during our travels.

Here's Lulu taking part in a campfire last summer at Swan Hills, AB.  She is very unchickenlike in her behavior to stay up after dark.  As long as I am there, she wants to be up instead of going to bed.  She was content to sit on the table and monitor the conversations around her.  She also liked to perch and settle in onto the arm of my lawn chair.  One of Barry's co-workers really took a shine to Lulu and came back several times to see her during the time we were visiting.

This summer, we stopped at the rest stop near Little Fort, BC. Lulu was out eating grass and bugs and doing other chickeny things when a man walking by stopped to chat. He asked questions about Lulu and said that having a chicken as a pet was unusual but she was the second one he'd seen on his travels. The other woman had lost both her feet due to frostbite and she had a chicken that had also lost her feet. He said they were inseparable and went everywhere together. That would be quite the unusual sight!

This summer, we also stopped at Saskatchewan River Crossing, AB several times.  This is the crossroads in the Rockies - Jasper is to the north, Banff and Lake Louise are south, and Rocky Mountain House and Red Deer are to the east.  We do stop in the mountains but there isn't much grass and foliage for Lulu to nibble on.  I parked at the edge of the grass and was standing guard over Lulu so no one's dog would get her.  A truck pulled up and parked beside me and the driver got out looking surprised when he saw Lulu.  The passengers jumped out (four women and another man) and all the women started chattering and snapping pics of Lulu.  Usually people who stop there, take pics of the mountains but not this group.  One of the women came up to me and said, "My name is Haan."  The driver explained that they were from the Netherlands and that Haan was Dutch for a male chicken.  She seemed to be very excited that she and Lulu shared a name.  Lulu is becoming world famous.  ;)

Not to long ago, I had a number of errands in Kamloops and was able to fit in a visit with a friend I went to elementary school with in Regina, Saskatchewan.  Hallie and I had lost track of each other over the years as we each had moved several times.  Last year, Hallie contacted me through Facebook and we've kept in contact since.  While we were visiting in the backyard, we heard weird noises - not exactly cat, not quite bird, not likely human.  Lulu had been exploring the yard and was making a variety of sounds showing her interest and curiosity.  It turned out there is a resident crow that lives in a tree in the back yard and he was trying to imitate the sounds Lulu was making.  He made two or three different sounds and calls but Lulu ignored him until he started to sound like a crow and then stood up straight and was wary.  None of my chickens were fond of crows.  They would chase them out of the chicken yard when the crows flew down and tried to eat some of their fruit or veggies.

Oh the fun I have with my travelling chicken, Lulu!  ;)

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  1. Oh bless, I do love reading about Lulu's travels with you:D
    I was slightly alarmed by your first picture, Lulu looked like she was on fire! :D xx